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Organic products are agricultural products whose production is based on natural cultivation processes. This means using natural alternatives to control pests, diseases and weeds.  Residues of chemical or synthetic fertilizers and pesticides and herbicides can cause health problems, especially in children, as their effect is cumulative over time.

Organically-produced foods are healthier because they contain no hormones, synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics, etc. They have superior nutritional value and often are more tasty and aromatic. For Certified-organic foods look for the logo on-pack by a recognized US or EUcertifying organization. This is a guarantee that the product is organic. Almost any food product can be certified organic. It is worth noting that many products in Greece that are not officially certified as organic are nevertheless natural and minimally-processed, due to large cultivating areas in Greece never having known any industrial activity, and Greek consumer’s insistence on high quality, natural seasonal produce. If in doubt, ask for more details.

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''GREEK PONY FARM'' Premium extra virgin olive oil KALAMATA P.D.O. 500ml

34,00 €

''NAOUMIDIS'' Filetopiperia Roasted BIO (roasted red pepper fillets) 260gr

5,15 €

''GREEN & BLU'' Organic extra virgin olive oil 250ml

6,50 €

''GREEN & BLU'' Organic Extra virgin olive oil 500ml

9,90 €

''NAOUMIDIS'' Piperoktima Sundried Paste BIO 260gr

5,15 €

''GREEN & BLU'' Organic Extra virgin olive oil 3L

43,82 €

''AXION ESTI'' Organic Honey Flowers & Forest 450gr

6,40 €

''GREEN & BLU'' Organic Extra virgin olive oil 5L

66,90 €

''AXION ESTI'' Organic Honey Flowers & Forest 250gr

4,50 €

''MARIANNA'S PRODUCTS'' Dolmades BIO (vine leaves stuffed with rice & herbs)...

3,65 €

''AXION ESTI'' Organic Honey Forest & Thyme 250gr

5,50 €

''AXION ESTI'' Organic Honey Fir 250gr

5,50 €

''AXION ASTI'' Organic Honey Chestnuts 250gr

4,70 €

''ANTONOPOULOS FARM'' Zeas Groats BIO 400gr

3,40 €

''AXION ESTI'' Organic Honey Koumaria 250gr

4,70 €

''ARKADIA'' Kalamata Organic Olive Pitted 350gr

3,40 €

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