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Gift cards
The Gift Card to third parties recipients can only be sent electronically, by e-mail (e-mail). The recipient's address & information, should be declared at the following e-mail address: The user who will show us the other person to send the Gift Card is also responsible for the correctness of the data declared by us. Clarified that gift cards are not redeemed for cash or on delivery, but with other payment methods. This means that if your shopping cart includes Gift Card, You may not pay cash on delivery or cash, regardless of whether in your cart includes other products. Unable to exercise the right of withdrawal from the Gift Card per se, nor of the products purchased through the card.
Ask the recipient to verify that the Gift Card is not transferred to the spam or blocked by a firewall. If nothing has happened by this and can not see the e-mail message (e-mail), contact as soon as possible with our Customer Support through the section Contact Us. The Gift Card can, at your own request, be configured to be sent to the recipient at a specific future date.
The Gift Card shall indicate the total value of the prize (including VAT).
For each order you can use (redeem) only one Gift Card. The total value of the gift card must be used in an order, so you can not use (redeem) of the value of a gift card in an order and no oppressor can buy products of less value than the Gift Card.
The service Free shipping applies if a Gift Card is used

Gift Orders

You can also order one or more gifts and send them to any desired recipient, simply by declaring  the address and recipient information, at the following e-mail address:, so that the product can be delivered directly to him. When sending packages with gifts to other recipients, make sure the recipient can receive gift packs and that, generally, the gift will not be held for any reason, unwanted or that it will be accepted upon delivery, otherwise the product will be sent to the billing address the risk and expense of the purchaser. Recall that in the case of sending gifts is not possible to pay on delivery.


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