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essentials for a great breakfast

The authentic Greek breakfast

The inexhaustible gastronomic richness of our country, with all the simplicity and purity of local seasonal produce, is expressed in the most delicious way through an authentic Greek breakfast.

The Greek breakfast is rich and versatile with regional variations. With ingredients chosen for their nutritional value and good wholesome taste, traditional local dishes make up the gastronomic culture and particular character of each region.

Let's enjoy the breakfast in the greatness of giving us its beneficial properties to our body. Honey and oats are frequent Greek breakfast staples which give energy and antioxidants. Traditional strained Greek yogurt is a firm favourite with all the family. Preferred for its delicious taste and rich creamy texture, Greek yogurt is not just a pretty face: in addition to vitamins, its real yogurt culture, contains probiotics which are beneficial to the intestines. Enjoy it with cereals, raisins or fresh fruit.

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''AXION ESTI'' Organic Honey Flowers & Forest 450gr

6,40 €

''AXION ESTI'' Organic Honey Flowers & Forest 250gr

4,50 €

''AXION ESTI'' Organic Honey Forest & Thyme 250gr

5,50 €

''AXION ESTI'' Organic Honey Fir 250gr

5,50 €

''AXION ASTI'' Organic Honey Chestnuts 250gr

4,70 €

''AXION ESTI'' Organic Honey Koumaria 250gr

4,70 €

''AXION ESTI'' Organic Honey with Propolis 250gr

7,30 €

''AXION ESTI'' Organic Honey Fir 450gr

7,80 €

''ASTIR'' Figs Package 500gr

4,90 €

''ASTIR'' Figs Package 250gr

2,70 €

''ASTIR'' Figs Package 200gr

2,90 €

''GIANNAKOPOULOS'' Fig Jam 220gr

2,90 €

''GIANNAKOPOULOS'' Orange Jam 220gr

2,90 €

''GIANNAKOPOULOS'' Olive Marmelade 205gr

4,80 €

''XALVAS DRAPETSONAS'' Hazelnut Cream with Cocoa 400 gr

3,25 €


5,50 €

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