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“Green & Blu store”: Selected Greek delicacies and memorabilia for guests with style!

A collection of top quality Greek food, aesthetic objects and memorabilia so carefully selected like ours, needs the environment it deserves. This is why we created the first "Green & Blu" store in the heart of Kyparissia, Messinia – Greece. We designed it with the vision to become an "island" of authentic Greece.

We named it “Green & Blu” for two reasons: "Green" for the fertile Greek land and its delicious, nutritional food and "Blu" for the breathtaking Greek countryside and our blue sea.

Our mission is to make our collection known to every visitor of Greece or to anyone who dreams to be in Greece.

But until we succeed to build many "Green & Blu" stores throughout Greece and beyond, we created our e-shop, an online store that brings our products to your door wherever you are in the world, every day. Welcome to "Green & Blu"!

You can order by phone at (+30) 2761 022991
From 80€ and above in Greece