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As part of our social responsibility programme, we focus on environmental and social issues. We focus on environmentally friendly practices, while implementing various social responsibility projects.

We are committed to the conservation, preservation and protection of the natural environment.

We use environmentally friendly materials, wich can be recycled!

In an effort to contribute to the reduction of environmental risks and energy saving, all members of our stuff use environmentally friendly stationery.

In our effort to limit the use of electricity, we have replaced all light bulbs with low consumption ones.

The entire building is equipped with recycling bins.

Our cooperation with the nonprofit Organization, Wise Greece, that promotes top quality Greek products, through the sales of which they manage to cover the nutritional needs of Institutions and Organizations that help children, homeless and the elderly, gives us, too, the chance to aim to raise global awareness about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and motivate consumers to support our Initiative.


You can order by phone at (+30) 2761 022991
From 80€ and above in Greece